Longer Range WiFi Signal Receiver + Antenna + Router Ki

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Long Range WiFi Signal Receiver + Antenna + Router Kit
Long Range WiFi Receivers – What are they? What do they are doing?

A range that is long receiver will allow you to always stay connected to the world of information wherever you go by increasing the long distance router hotspots. Our splashproof and waterproof versions of long range WiFi receivers are basically wireless signal grabbers. They include a completely integrated WiFi antenna, radio, and router to deliver hassle-free internet reception in your cabin, RV, motorboat, or anywhere else from as much as 7 kilometers away.
How can the Wi-Fi Antenna Receiver Work?

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Installation Alternatives of Long Number Wi-Fi Signal Receiver Antenna

Merely link the device to virtually any standard WiFi router and access internet directly wirelessly or through a LAN. The network can easily be managed with a web browser through any device, and never have to install any software.
Principle of Operation.

The high power bidirectional WiFi receiver helps enhance the array of connectivity between any device and a WiFi hotspot. This is certainly ideal if you wish to connect with a WiFi sign which are away from range for your phone or computer as long as you’re on a boat, leisure automobile or campsite.

The device’s omnidirectional antenna is used to communicate to, and through the Wi-Fi hotspot which you hook up to. The same as every other antenna, this antenna needs an obvious line of sight to the hotspot for best reception.

The range that is long receiver can be used in two different modes. In the first mode, the device is connected to any standard wireless router or wireless access point to create a WiFi hotspot to provide wireless internet access to ant mobile device including phones, tablets, or laptops.

The long range WiFi receiver is connected directly to a laptop through its Ethernet port with the second option. This option will however only allow the laptop to have internet access.
Wi-Fi Signal Antenna Receiver Versions.

Our fully integrated long range WiFi signal antenna receiver with modem is available in two different models. While the mode of operation and the technical specifications of the two models are identical, the known amount of protection against dampness and dust is significantly diffent.

Model WIFI-BOOSTER-1 is proof that is splash set up precisely

Model WIFI-BOOSTER-2 that will be considered heavy-duty has IPX5 water evidence protection whenever installed correctly.
What exactly is IPX5 water evidence protection?

IPX5 is a waterproof standard that is a greater amount of protection than merely proof that is splash. The International Protection Marking or Ingress Protection Marking (IP), classifies and rates the degree of protection that is provided against the intrusion of dust, accidental contact, and water. The level of protection is achieved through a combination of mechanical casings and enclosures that are electrical by the Global Electrotechnical Commission.

IPX5 indicates protection against water jets. The rating states that water projected by a 6.3 mm nozzle up against the enclosure from any direction shall do not have harmful effects.
Features of Wi-Fi Signal Receiver/ Booster Kits:

28 dBm receiver.
Works with normal router that is wireless.
Integrated router.
Completely plug and play.
Energy over Ethernet (PoE).
Handle unit easily on any device with an browser that is internet.
Web-based device administration.

Benefits for Wi-Fi Signal Booster/ Receiver Kits:

Long range Wi-Fi reception on land or water.
Simple to create regional Wi-Fi hotspot with any standard router that is wireless.
Connect straight to your personal computer through an Ethernet cable.
Simple, intuitive set-up and procedure. No pc software installation required.
Single wire for power and information. No energy consumed from connected unit.
Handle device effortlessly on any device with an browser that is internet.
Web-based unit management.
May be permanently set up.

Technical Specifications of Long-Range Wi-Fi Signal Receiver/ Booster + Antenna + Router Kit:

Frequency and standards that are wireless 2.4GHz, 802.11 b/g/n
Radio Power: Up to 28 dBm
Antenna Gain: 5 dB
Number: Up to 7 Kilometers
Throughput: 100+ Mbps
Wire: 25 ft. (7.62 meters) Ethernet cable
Connectors: N-Female (Antenna), Ethernet (Unit)
Power Supply: 12VDC & 110/220VAC
Energy Consumption: 600mA at Max 12VDC
Cordless Approvals: FCC Part 15.247, IC RS210, CE
RoHS Compliant: Yes
Measurements: 19.5 ins x 3.1 ins x 1.5 ins (49.53 cm x 7.87 cm x 3.81 cm)
Kit Weight: 38.8 oz (1099.9 grams)

Installation of Long-Range Wi-Fi Signal Booster/ Receiver + Antenna + Router Kit:

The range that is long receiver comes detailed with the following components to help make installation simple and easy:

Wi-Fi Antenna.
U-Bolts x2.
Clamping Bracket x2.
Flat Washer x4.
Spring Washer x4.
Nut x4.
Wi-Fi Radio.
Coupling Ring (attached towards the radio).
End cap.
Rubber Grommet.
Energy injector.
Ethernet cable.
AC power.
DC power cable.

Mounting Options.

Most of the hardware necessary to mount the long range WiFi receiver in three different jobs is provided:

Horizontal rail: Assemble the U-bolts and brackets vertically.
Straight post: Square bolt-hole pattern on L-bracket allows U-bolts to be put together horizontally to permit mounting on a post that is vertical.
Flat Vertical surface: Mounting on a flat vertical surface can be achieved through screwing the L-bracket straight on the mounting area using screws (not included) to fit the ¼” (6.35mm) mounting holes.

These devices should always be mounted in such a way that the antenna points vertically upward and is in clear line of sight with the transmitting Wi-Fi hotspot. Avoid interference that is possible mount the device away from other transmitters.

A range that is long signal receiver will allow you to always stay connected to the world of information wherever you go by increasing the coverage of public wifi hotspots. Our splashproof and waterproof long range Wi-Fi receiver is made of a fully integrated WiFi antenna & router to attract signals as much as 7 kilometers away.